Gil Dove & Associates

About Gil

Leadership Development

Gil has been training CEOs and their core teams both individually and  in ‘superteam’ processes for over 20 years.

He is known for his passionate, soulful and caring approach, which he combines with an ongoing enquiry into the fascinating and vital subjects of Leadership and Relational Intelligence.

What we do

We accelerate your leadership progression

Our goal is to substantially increase the competence and confidence of the people we work with by jointly exploring the concepts and practices of Advanced Leadership, Teamwork and Relationships.


How do we do it?

We study Leadership and Relational Intelligence

There have been astonishing breakthroughs in recent years in the fields of Leadership and Relational Intelligence.  We study these complex subjects closely and keep refining our search for the fundamental concepts and practices that make a profound difference, both to ourselves and our clients.  Big concepts and skills can be hard to grasp, so we begin an extended dialogue with a client—sometimes using a variety of videos and books—that help, often graphically to explain and clarify the big ideas. Then we explore and carefully identify how to practice the relevant skills in critical leadership areas. The extended dialogue, providing ongoing support, review and deepening of skill and insight, makes a profound and lasting difference.

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