“I have worked with Gil for over 10 years and I have always found his advice and support second to none over that time.  Gil is a unique coach in many ways.  His energy, passion and insightfulness around his material is inspiring.  He demonstrates great empathy, encouraging honesty but in an intuitive, gentle and open manner which makes the art of self-improvement much more palatable and achievable.

He is of course highly confidential and trustworthy and is always well prepared to ensure that his sessions are relevant and beneficial and the research material extremely varied, thus keeping things topical.  Over the years I have also encouraged members of my senior leadership team to work with Gil and I have seen real, tangible benefits and development in them both individually and as a team.”

 — Jane Ratcliffe, Chairman, Mediacom 


“Everyone talks about the critical importance of authenticity in leadership but not many people do it. Similarly, everyone talks about the importance of building and maintaining relationships. But not many people can really teach you how to improve this. Gil does both. And these are just two of the many things that make working with Gil invaluable.”

 — Nick Lawson, CEO, Mediacom EMEA


“I was lucky enough to start working with Gil when I started at MediaEdge:cia.  Gil has a bespoke leadership model that I have never seen anywhere else, which deconstructs leadership and is practically helpful to apply to your own business issues and challenges.  This has been invaluable to me over the years, as was the Superteam Training which helps you to identify, address and lead behaviours in your own organisation.  The freeform and tailored nature of his coaching is very unique, and he helps you confront the more challenging aspects of your own blind spots with compassion that is rare in today’s overrun field of executive coaches.  The academic rigour and quality of his material is exceptional.”

 — Tom George, Chairman, MEC


“I have no hesitation in recommending Gil Dove to anyone who wants to succeed.  Learning his approach to leadership and superteams has been instrumental in my developing The Lighthouse approach.  His work has an uncanny depth and is only for those who are genuinely committed to the path of self-development – if you are, these is no better person to guide you on your journey.”

— Kathleen Saxton, Founder & CEO, The Lighthouse Company


“In a world full of business books and self-appointed coaches, Gil has something of great rarity and huge value­ – wisdom. Working with Gil was transformational for me personally and critical in the doubling of our business. Refreshingly free of the normal business jargon or fads, Gil starts from the heart, soul and the individual. If you’re interested in business life (or just life) you should meet Gil”

— Steve Hatch, Facebook UK & Ireland Director, Formerly Chief Executive, MEC (MediaEdge:cia)


“I have worked with Gil for over three years, longer than any other coach I have used. It has completely changed the way I think and act as a leader. I apply the learnings every day and teach them to my team. Gil challenges you and gets you thinking in a different way without actually telling you what to do, he broadens your perspective. If you are serious about wanting to be a better leader and you get the opportunity, I would push your business to use Gil, because it makes a huge impact.”

— Stephen Haines, UK Commercial Director, Facebook


“It’s a lonely job running any organisation. To be able to confide in someone outside the organisation who does not therefore have their own agenda is an advantage. When that individual has Gil Dove’s skills and insights it’s a big advantage.”

— Mike Walsh, Chairman, O&M


“Gil Dove’s consultations focus on individual needs in a way that makes them extremely effective.”

— James Best, Chairman, BMP DDB Needham


“I have worked with Gil Dove for over five years now. During that period he has acted as confidante, coach and teacher. His determination to ensure that one remains focused and his constant support have proved invaluable to me over this period. I have subsequently recommended him to several of my senior and key employees.”

  — Ben Langdon, Chief Executive, McCann-Erickson

“Taking part is enjoyable, stimulating, and at times cathartic. Lifting horizons, changing perspectives, challenging previously held convictions, and coming to terms with fundamental decisions about the way we go about things, have all been part of the programme I took part in. The end effect of working with Gil, who is exceptionally well read, has been to significantly improve the way we go about developing our business. This is not just in theory but in practice. Learning about running a business better was a going in point, but the dialogues on the application of the learning to live situations has proven invaluable.”

 — Charlie Robertson, Managing Director, Red Spider


“Gil’s sessions are never dull. I have always found them to be stimulating and rewarding, and it’s fair to say they have always generated practical ideas and solutions.”

— Nigel Sharrocks, Managing Director, Grey London


“Gil Dove’s management programme — inspiring.”

—   Kay Scorah, Planning Director


“I was initially sceptical—I’d seen too many people go on what I thought were similar courses and come back with an all too transparent new persona. In fact I found the whole experience very rewarding. Gil’s approach was to get me to question myself constructively and build on my strengths and, as a result, I think I improved my management skills.”

— Nigel Jones, Planning Director, BMP 


“I visualise a line graph in my mind and check it regularly.  It charts four things: my earnings, my company’s profits, the satisfaction level of our clients and my own ability to deal with difficult situations.  The direction of the line has been heading perfectly NE since I started working with Gil Dove & Associates.”

— Andy Troullides, Managing Director, Mediacom


“Gil Dove’s leadership skills programme helped me in unfamiliar management situations by giving me practical and theoretical training before I had to do it for real. For all those people moving into senior management positions, where their primary responsibility will be to motivate and lead talented individuals, Gil’s programme is a must.”

— Janet Hull, Director of Advertising Effectiveness, IPA


“Of the many things one can say about working with Gil the most important is that he produces results. His coaching creates an environment in which to understand, explore and focus on individual potential. By broadening horizons, notions of success become genuine ambitions. Most importantly, he is able to build the sort of confidence that makes personal visions achievable. These are powerful tools and they are transferable. Business leaders who can bring this sort of learning to life not just for themselves but also for those around them soon reap the rewards.”

— James Page, Group Director, O&M


“Gil has the knack of getting you to relax and talk easily about your business issues. He also has the skill to point out the significance of what you said.”

— Bill Patterson, Chief Executive, Lansdown/Conquest


“The Telecommunications industry is a complex, confused and constantly changing environment to do business in; Gil Dove’s Leadership Development programme helped me to address these challenges by providing a forum to discuss the latest literature, to deconstruct day to day problems and to rigorously challenge my initiatives and long term goals.”

— Jon Scott, Group Financial Controller, Telewest Communications


“Gil’s sessions have been both invaluable and enjoyable. He has opened my eyes to taking a more rounded view of situations and to question all aspects of my work far more deeply. Gil has also helped me to become more open and receptive to ideas and discussion and to look far more into people, their motivations and agendas. In short, Gil has helped improve my thinking, judgement and execution and enabled me to become a better team player and a stronger individual.”

 — Tim Martin, Director Corporate Strategy, Telewest Communications


“The road to becoming a great Leader can often be a long and complex journey. I can think of no better guide along this path than Gil Dove. He is part philosopher, life coach, mentor, business guru and friend. Along the way you will learn a lot about yourself and the human condition. All this is conducted in a challenging yet open dialogue-based environment. The creation of a desirable future requires each one of us to continue the learning process and in this respect your time with Gil will be a priceless experience.”

— Gary Knight, Brand Partnerships Director, ITV

“Gil’s programme makes me take the blinkers off, question whether the things I think are given are actually given. It forces me to create time to think about the important and not just about the urgent.  It brings experiences from outside the ad industry into my frame of reference—books, stories, anecdotes—brought to bear in a relevant way. It makes you realise when you are being too compromising, accommodating or pragmatic when you should  be firmly focusing on a principle, objective or an ideal.”
 — Carl Johnson, Managing Director, Simons Palmer Clemmow Johnson