The goal of our Leadership programmes is to dramatically increase the confidence and competence of any leader, by teaching the specific practices of advanced leadership, teamwork and relationships.


Leadership is supremely important. Throughout history Heads of State, Presidents, Prime Ministers and philosophers have always known this. Leadership deeply affects every part of our lives, for better or for worse and the quality of our lives is directly proportional to the quality of our leadership.  Whether we are leading ourselves, our family, a team, a business unit or a major corporation or country, universal principles apply that can be learned by anyone with the desire and perseverance to do so.

 What is Leadership About?

Winning. Competing. Collaborating.  Realising your dreams. The Good Life. Improving the world. Making life better and better. Getting stronger. Thriving and multiplying. These are the timeless themes of Leadership. And how we practice leadership each day, in every interaction, in every encounter makes all the difference.

How long does it take to learn Leadership? Leadership is a life-long process of enquiry, however, the fortunate student learns the foundations quickly, and from this solid base can then expand their depth of understanding.

 Astonishing Breakthroughs

In recent years, astonishing breakthroughs have take place in virtually every field of human endeavour, including the fields of Leadership, Teamwork and Relationships.  Today, we are in possession of powerful, profound theories and practices that are tantamount to paradigm shifts in our culture, yet most of these life-changing breakthroughs remain largely unknown.

 Vision, Leadership Philosophy and Personal Commitment

These three things are the vital first steps in the practice of Leadership, yet very few of us spend the necessary concentration to bring them into our daily activities. Once your own Vision, Leadership Philosophy and Personal Commitment are defined and applied, you are able to release the energy of your own Superteam.

 Know Thyself

Throughout the ages, the first principle of exceptional success has been a clear and defined sense of one’s identity, priorities, ethics, strengths and limitations.  The more we know ourselves, the more we can understand and work with others, especially those who appear radically different and difficult to understand.

Connected Relationships

One of the most electrifying breakthroughs of the late 20th century is the crucial importance of emotional connection at the centre of our most vital relationships. With the new categories of Separate vs Connected ways of relating, we now are in possession of a new vocabulary that can transform our understanding and experience of relationships, and make possible one of the most profound and satisfying experiences in life on a daily basis.

The Learning Culture

The Learning Culture describes the pinnacle of modern organisational culture. It is often quoted but rarely achieved. A learning culture is a dynamic and intensely stimulating environment, which promotes the growth and development of every person in it. It is far more difficult to achieve than it sounds, yet it offers unparalleled advantages to any leader and organisation that has the commitment to bringing out the best in themselves and their team members.

Leadership is difficult.  Every leader learns this. And sooner or later…

…all roads lead to Leadership