The Advanced Leadership Programme is our primary programme.  Many Executives have benefitted significantly from its breadth and depth.

The goal of the programme is to develop competence, confidence and conviction in one’s leadership ability.

We pursue this by exploring the principles and practices of mature leadership, teamwork and relationships and how they can be applied in all the various areas of life.

Usually, clients embark on a one-year programme which consists of two interlinked aspects:

  1. The Core Curriculum – consisting of fundamental and advanced leadership concepts and skills, using our own unique and powerful leadership model
  2. Bespoke Executive Coaching – the ‘freestyle’ element that is tailored to the individual based on their own personal leadership situation and the live challenges they are facing in their organization during the year

The one-year programme is substantial in itself, and participants often choose to continue the programme because of the benefits they gain from their increasing knowledge and skill.